Kween Kandi

Name: Raven Turbin
Age: 24
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Current City: Las Vegas, NV
Place Of Birth: Las Vegas, NV
Languages Speak: English

Have you ever accidentally kicked or hit someone while performing?

Most of my performances have been on a stage out of the range of the crowd. My shorts, however, hit a lady during one of my burlesque numbers, and luckily it blended in with my act.

If you could perform with any celebrity, who would it be?

I would love to perform with Lizzo! I love that she is a multi-talented queen who heavily influences the music industry. There is a video of her hooping on TikTok, and I would love to be on a team of hoopers just for her shows. 

What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had while performing?

I was so nervous during an audition that I had. I picked a song with a fast choreography (first mistake), then was too worried to keep my beat. I lost my hoop at so many points in the act it was not redeemable. I learned a lot from that performance. Auditions are performances because you represent yourself to your client, so you must give it your all. 

Have you ever gotten lost in the moment while performing and needed to remember where you were or what you were doing?


I had a blast performing at Area15 for Playa’s Playground on New Year’s Eve. It felt like I was not performing at all. My friends were also there & we got to do crowd interaction then. So I was so caught up dancing and being part of the experience that I didn’t realize my set was over and it was time to change costumes. 


If you could perform in any location in the world, where would it be?


I want to perform on a cruise! There are 2 EDM cruises so far, Groove Cruise and Holy Ship. Performing both is definitely on my bucket list!


What’s the most unusual or unexpected place you’ve ever performed?


I once danced for a ska band. My friend reached out to me and said she got us a gig. I needed to familiarize myself with the venue, but it was just opening, so that made sense. When we got there, I realized we would be dancing to ska music. If you need to learn what ska music is, it’s a love child of jazz and rock. Usually, people who dance to this get groovy, swaying from side to side, happily kicking their feet. They start skipping in circles or lightly moshing; how was I supposed to GOGO to this?? Let’s say there is a first time for everything. 


Where are you from, and how has your cultural background influenced your performance style?


I was born and raised in Las Vegas. Being here allowed me to be exposed to many different dance and performance styles all at once when I was growing up. In parades, I saw the step teams, the hip-hop dancers, and the ballerinas. My performance style jumps between them all when the time arises. While I didn’t take many dance classes as a kid, I still picked up on small moves from dance movies I would watch growing up.  


How did you first get into performing, and what drew you to the dance style?


I first got into performing when I was very young, but it was not dancing but acting. From there, I never lost my love of being on the stage in 2018. I went to HARD Summer, an EDM festival held by Insomniac. My rave mom taught me how to hoop at the festival and would later give me GoGo lessons. I was very drawn to hooping and Gogoing because I love the idea of prop manipulation. The possibilities of performance expand when you add props or other elements. The plastic circle gave me a focus point, and I could go as fast or slow as I wanted. I could look graceful or severe, and the hoop would add to the effect.


What’s your favorite type of music to perform?

My favorite kind of music to perform is Trance or Riddim. Their beats are slow enough to keep my focus during nice beat drops. 

What other dance styles have you studied or been influenced by?

I am fascinated by contemporary dance. I love that it is not as poise and pretty as a ballet but also not as explosive as hip-hop can sometimes be. Contemporary tells a story with movement in a way that feels so perfect. 

How do you develop new performance moves and incorporate them into your routine?

The best way to develop new moves is always to continue learning. Going to dance classes in my area is a huge help when I feel creatively stuck. 

I also take a different style of classes because you never know what you may learn or what routine it applies to.