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Event Name: 

On Decks – DJ Competition


Event Overview:

On Decks – DJ Competition is a weekly DJ competition that aims to showcase local DJ talents and entertain the audience. The event will occur every Tuesday from 6:00 PM to midnight, spanning 12 weeks. Each DJ will be given a 20-minute slot to showcase their skills and style. The event will follow a “first come, first served” sign-up system, with DJ registration starting at 5:00 PM on the day of the event at the venue.



The primary objective of On Decks – DJ Competition is to promote local DJs, give them a platform to showcase their talents and provide an engaging experience for the audience. By allowing the attendees to vote for their favorite DJ of the night, we aim to foster a sense of community involvement and excitement around the competition.


Event Format:

DJ Sign-up: DJs can sign up for the competition on the event day, starting at 5:00 PM. Slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and the competition will accommodate a limited number of participants each night.


Performance Slots: 

Each DJ will get a 20-minute performance slot during the event. The sign-up order will determine the order of performance. This setup ensures an equal opportunity for all participants.


Audience Voting: 

All attendees at On Decks – DJ Competition will have the chance to vote for their favorite DJ of the night. Voting will take place throughout the event and will end at midnight.


Winner Selection: 

The DJ with the highest number of votes at the end of the event will be declared the winner for that night. That DJ will then have a guaranteed slot for the finals.


Grand Final: 

After the 12 weeks of competition, all DJs who have won the weekly competition will secure a set time at the grand finale. This prestigious event will attract a larger audience, and the grand finale winner will be crowned the overall champion. 


Judges For the Final:

The 12th week will be the final week. This last week of the competition will have a judging panel consisting of the venue management/owner and industry professionals. This last week may or may not include audience members’ votes. The choice can be up to the venue.




Nightly Winners: 

The DJ who wins each night will receive a cash prize (up to $50/or a meal from the venue) and recognition as the evening’s champion. And a guaranteed slot for the grand finale.


Grand Final Winner: 

The DJ who secures the weekly win will earn a set time during the grand finale. The grand finale winner will be rewarded with a paid gig (10 weeks, $100/hr, at least 5 hours a week) at the venue as background noise for future events, providing them with increased exposure and potential opportunities.


Promotion and Marketing:


  • Utilize various social media platforms to promote competition.
  • Share highlights of past events.
  • Ads within Las Vegas EDM Podcast episodes for 12 weeks of competition.
  • Full page on,
  • Encourage audience participation.

Local Partnerships: 

Collaborate with businesses to sponsor event, music blogs/forums, and nightlife venues to promote the event and attract a diverse audience.


Flyer Distribution: 

Distribute eye-catching flyers at strategic locations to raise awareness about the competition and its schedule.


Email Campaigns: 

Send out regular email updates to subscribers, informing them about the upcoming competition and encouraging attendance and voting.


Venue and Logistics:

The event will take place at [TBD], which provides:

  • Ample space for competition.
  • A stage setup for DJs.
  • A comfortable environment for the audience.

On Decks Talent Agency, LLC will provide the necessary audio equipment, and the DJ setup will be coordinated in advance.



On Decks is an exciting opportunity for local DJs to showcase their talent and gain recognition in the community. With a competitive format, interactive audience involvement, and attractive prizes, the event will become a popular weekly attraction for participants and attendees. This 12-week DJ competition will create a vibrant and supportive music community, encouraging creativity and passion for DJing and, at the same time, exposing the venue to a broader audience. 


Objectives of On Decks – DJ Competition:

While On Decks- DJ competition serves as a platform for local talents to shine and entertain our audience, its purpose extends far beyond the competition. Our objectives for the competition include:


Building a Partnership: 

Our primary goal is to develop a solid and lasting partnership with the venue, and sponsors. The competition marks the beginning of what we envision as a continuous collaboration, with mutual benefits for all parties.


Showcasing Establishments: 

We will highlight venue, and sponsors on our podcast and website throughout the competition. This extended exposure will generate buzz for the event and position your company, venue, and brand as a vital hub for EDM enthusiasts.


Exclusive Las Vegas EDM Meetups: 

We plan to organize exclusive Las Vegas EDM Meetups to support the venue, sponsors and the winning artists further. These gatherings will serve as an opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate the artists’ accomplishments, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of your venue and sponsorship brands.


Longevity and Relaunch:

Following the first season’s success, we aim to relaunch the On Decks- DJ Competition for subsequent seasons. This initiative will continue to bring attention to your company, venue and brand.


Creating an Enduring Impact:

On Decks- DJ Competition’s objective is to positively impact the local EDM scene, nurturing relationships within the community and contributing to the genre’s growth in Las Vegas.

Through our collaboration, we aspire to enhance your establishment’s and brand’s reputation as a prominent supporter of EDM culture. By maintaining a consistent presence through our podcast, website, meetups, and future competitions, we are confident that our efforts will contribute to a thriving and engaged audience base.


About the On Decks – DJ Competition:


The “On Decks – DJ Competition” is set to become a landmark event in the Las Vegas EDM scene. We are seeking monetary sponsorship of $500/week, plus a percentage of bar sales, or $1000/week or $500/week, plus a few outside sponsorships, such as alcohol vendors, other businesses, etc., for three months to help bring this competition to life. Your sponsorship will support the event financially and establish a strong and mutually beneficial partnership between your establishment and the world of electronic dance music.


Venue/Establishment: $100/hr. to the winning DJ for up to 5 hrs./week and for 10 weeks.


Sponsorship Benefits:

In return for your sponsorship, your company, venue, and brand will receive the following benefits:


Prominent Advertisements: 

Your establishment’s logo and information will be featured in every episode of our Las Vegas EDM Podcast, available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music, for the duration of the sponsorship. With our podcast reaching a diverse audience of EDM enthusiasts, this exposure will increase your brand’s visibility significantly.



Virtual Podcast Launch: 

 As we gear up for our virtual podcast launch in September 2023, your company’s ad will be included in this exciting phase, reaching a broader audience. We have guests from all over America scheduled for our virtual podcast.


Event Coverage: 

We also engage in on-site podcasting at events, providing exclusive coverage to showcase further your brand’s involvement and support within the EDM community.


Social Media and Online Presence: 

Your brand’s logo will be prominently displayed on all social media posts,,, both of our websites and event listings related to the competition. This comprehensive online presence will enhance your brand recognition.


Frequency and Reach: 

Our podcast airs five days a week, with up to 1 minutes of dedicated ad space in every episode. This frequency ensures repeated exposure to our loyal audience.


Event Exposure: 

Your brand logos and contact information will be prominently displayed during the 12-week competition at every event. This ensures that attendees acknowledge your brand’s presence.


Flyer and Marketing Materials: 

Your brand’s logos and contact information will be included on all marketing flyers and promotional materials related to the competition.



Haiyen Vang:

Pioneering the EDM Industry with On Decks Talent Agency, LLC and Las Vegas EDM, LLC


Haiyen Vang is a trailblazer in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry. She has made significant strides with her ventures, On Decks Talent Agency, LLC, and Las Vegas EDM, LLC, since March of 2023. With a remarkable 25-year experience in the EDM scene, Haiyen’s dedication and passion for the electronic dance music community have driven her success.


Before entirely investing in the electronic dance music industry, Haiyen owned and operated a chain of successful women’s clothing stores across three states and a thriving franchise division. The entities’ names were the Clearance Rack, LLC dba Just!, $10 Rack, $10 Dress, and Dime Bar. From 2004 to 2023 (19 years), she built a reputable brand in the fashion industry, showcasing her keen business acumen and management skills. However, Haiyen’s heart was always drawn to EDM’s pulsating beats and vibrant culture.


In February of 2023, Haiyen took a bold step and closed her last clothing store, located at the prominent Town Square Mall in Las Vegas, to fully commit herself to her true passion – the EDM industry. This marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her life.



On Decks Talent Agency, LLC:


Haiyen Vang’s On Decks Talent Agency, LLC, quickly became a full-service talent agency and equipment rental business. Leveraging her extensive network and knowledge acquired over the years, Haiyen curated a roster of talented DJs and artists, providing them with opportunities to perform at various events, festivals, and venues. 


Las Vegas EDM, LLC:


In tandem with her talent agency, Haiyen founded Las Vegas EDM, LLC, a thriving media company. This platform became a hub for EDM enthusiasts, offering the latest news, artist interviews, event coverage, and more. With an innovative content creation and promotion approach, Las Vegas EDM, LLC rapidly gained a loyal following in the EDM community.


In July 2023, Haiyen expanded her media presence by launching the “Las Vegas EDM Podcast,” now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music. The podcast offers a unique opportunity to showcase diverse EDM talents, share industry insights, and keep fans engaged with the latest happenings in the EDM world.


Las Vegas EDM Meetup and Open Decks: Fostering a Vibrant EDM Community


In addition to her thriving ventures, Haiyen Vang actively fosters a vibrant EDM community through her Las Vegas EDM Meetups and Open Decks events. These gatherings serve as a crucial platform for EDM enthusiasts, aspiring DJs, and music lovers to come together, share their passion, and celebrate the electrifying world of electronic dance music.


Las Vegas EDM Meetup:


Haiyen’s Las Vegas EDM Meetup is a regularly scheduled event twice a month. It acts as a social hub for local EDM fans and allows attendees to connect, network, and exchange ideas. From seasoned industry professionals to newcomers, the meetup welcomes individuals from all walks of life who share a common love for the EDM genre.

The Las Vegas EDM Meetup features various activities, including discussions about the latest trends in EDM, upcoming events, and opportunities to collaborate on music projects. Whether it’s sharing favorite tracks, exploring new genres, or simply enjoying the company of like-minded individuals, the meetup provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants.


Open Decks Events:


Complementing the Las Vegas EDM Meetup, Haiyen organizes Open Decks events, where aspiring DJs can showcase their skills and perform live sets. These events are held bi-monthly, providing a valuable platform for up-and-coming DJs to gain exposure, receive feedback, and connect with potential fans and mentors.


Haiyen’s recording studio serves as a creative haven for these Open Decks events, providing a professional setup and a supportive atmosphere for DJs to express themselves freely. Additionally, she collaborates with Evel Pie, a renowned venue next to Discopussy in Downtown Las Vegas, to host larger-scale Open Decks gatherings, drawing a diverse audience and expanding opportunities for emerging talents.


Community Impact:


Through her Las Vegas EDM Meetup and Open Decks events, Haiyen Vang has significantly cultivated a thriving and interconnected EDM community in Las Vegas. Her commitment to providing a space where enthusiasts can come together and connect has fostered lasting friendships, mentorships, and collaborations within the local music scene.